Nordic-Africa Synergy Represented at Nordic Sparks 2019

Nordic-Africa Synergy Represented at Nordic Sparks 2019

The joined experts from the Nordic Region and Africa at the Nordic Sparks 2019 in Aalto University, Finland, organised by Sahara Sparks. The topic of discussion was “Africa in The Fourth Industrial Revolution”


About Nordics Sparks

Nurturing Synergies, Nordics and Africa in The Fourth Industrial Revolution

Is a day-long event organized by Sahara Sparks event ltd and the University of Turku together with other partners with the main aim of nurturing the current relations between Africa and the Nordic Region. The event is catered for Nordic tech businesses that can be adopted in Africa, Nordic investors who want to invest in Africa, Non-Governmental Organisations and other stakeholders (innovators, intellects, tech enthusiasts, developing partners, entrepreneurs etc.) with interest in Africa. Africa is a market of 1.2 billion people, with the increase of the middle class and youthful population Africa creates opportunities for global businesses that are looking for fast-growing sustainable markets. Nordic Sparks is an event building up to a larger event in Tanzania in October 2019. Investors and participants of the Nordic Sparks will get a chance to participate in the larger event.

Founder and Coordinator of Nordic-Africa Synergy Business and Project Management Consultant - Stratarget Consulting