Are you interested in joining our team? We would love to welcome you to our organisational, event, project team!

We are constantly looking for to join our team. As a not-for-profit organisation, most of our team member are volunteers. However, we provide payment for some services depending on the task and finances available for the event, project or program

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Nordic-Africa Synergy offers internship and research opportunities, especially for students. The internships are done within our organisation, projects and programs. We also assist in internship placements within our partner and member organisation. 

Our interns have the opportunity to acquire valuable knowledge, experience and contacts through our activities and members network


As a not-for-profit organisation were highly rely on volunteers in the planning and implementation of our events, projects and programs. Our volunteers work in various capacities including event organisation, content creation, donation solicitation, etc

Our volunteers in turn participate in our events, gain knowledge and experience, valuable contacts and in some cases financial compensation 


Nordic-Africa Synergy assists in the establishment of collaboration  between educational and research institutions across the Nordic region and Africa. We design and facilitate in the implementation joint study programmes, joint projects, students and staff exchange and other cooperation initiatives