Finnpartnership: Application workshop

Finnpartnership: Application workshop

Finnpartnership will be organising monthly application workshops in Helsinki starting in January 2018. Register now, welcome!

Next application workshops

Note! Application workshops are intended for attendees who are eligible for applying for Business Partnership Support.

Thu 11 April – Workshop in Finnish – register by 3 April here!
Thu 16 May – Workshop in English – register by 8 May here!
Thu 13 June – Workshop in Finnish – register by 5 June here!
Thu 15 August– Workshop in English
Thu 19 September – Workshop in Finnish
Thu 17 October – Workshop in English
Thu 14 November – Workshop in Finnish
Thu 12 December – Workshop in English

In addition to the Business Partnership Support application, the workshop introduces African, Asian and Latin American companies that are currently seeking business partners in Finland and that have been subject to Finnpartnership’s preliminary screening. These companies are also listed in the public Matchmaking-database.

In addition, the workshops cover the environmental and social impact issues of companies, particularly from the perspective of operating in developing countries, in addition to the positive impact possibilities for development through business. This also provides new types of opportunities for further funding for business activities that can be considered to promote sustainable development by, for example, improving the environment, increasing energy efficiency, reducing consumption of natural resources, adding jobs to women and youth, promoting equality and by making education available to everyone. Numerous international organisations work toward the same goals, such as the UN and an increasing number of investors who are seeking impact from the projects they fund. In order to engage in this type of cooperation, a company must understand the suitability of its business and its potential in this area and be able to communicate on it effectively. The application workshop serves as an introduction to this.

Upon registration, participants are asked to provide a short description of their current business activities/industry and what types of business partners they are seeking in the developing markets. The wishes of participants are considered when finalizing the workshop programme.

NGOs also participate and provide additional value with their expertise

Workshops are also open to NGOs operating in developing countries, which can work together with companies on projects that are not seeking to make a profit. Twenty minutes is reserved in each workshop for NGOs to have the floor and it is available to the NGO that first registered for the event up to twice a year. Good cooperation models have been created between companies and NGOs at the workshops. NGO expertise complements business expertise specifically in the area of development impact. The Helsinki workshops are primarily held at Finnfund’s office at Uudenmaankatu 16 B from 8:00 a.m. to 3:20 p.m. From March 2019 onwards the Helsinki workshops are primarily held at Ruoholahden Tähti at Porkkalankatu 22 (1st floor) from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. (the location may change and the final location is always communicated to the participants along with the programme). The programme for the workshop is sent to registered participants on the Monday of the week of the event. Registration to the events is available using the above links.


Application workshop programme

8:00 a.m. Morning coffee

8:30 a.m. Welcome and introduction

8:50 a.m. Introductions

9:20 a.m. Applying for Business Partnership Support

10:20 a.m. Break

10:30 a.m. Applying for Business Partnership Support: Discussion and conclusion

11:00 a.m. Matchmaking companies

11:30 a.m. Sandwich lunch

12:00 p.m. NGO presentation

12:20 p.m. Environmental and social responsibility and development impacts

1:20 p.m. New funding models and channels 

2:10 p.mDiscussion and questions

2:30 p.m. Workshop close – possibility to talk with experts until 3:00 p.m.

At the workshops, companies will also be given information about other available Team Finland services in Finland and in the developing countries.

Founder and Coordinator of Nordic-Africa Synergy Business and Project Management Consultant - Stratarget Consulting